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Why Selfie

Researchers have defined it as “a self-portrait photograph of oneself (or of oneself and other people), taken with a camera or a camera phone held at arm’s length or pointed at a mirror, that is usually shared through social media.”

When we look around, we see different kinds of Selfies:

  •  Solo Selfies
  •  Selfies with Partners/Products/Pets
  •  Situational Selfies
  •  Selfies in a Group

With mobile manufacturers bombarding in the market with their new and refined phone cameras using high-end lenses, your chances of exploring your photographic skills are getting better and bigger every day
TajDubai recommend you to use it as a daily dose of your art project where you can try and discover a good side of you every day.

Interestingly, recent studies show that selfies work more as a healer for those suffering from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).
But using them sensibly and how selfies are taken matters the most. ‘Where, when and how’ you take your selfie reflects your moral values and social sense. Moreover, recent statistics show that selfie is quite a dangerous endeavour, and many people have died while doing so.

So at TajDubai,

  •  We encourage exploring the good side of you.
  •  Create awareness about the risks involved.
  •  Discourage the bad sides.